Think Again

By Sally

If you believe your guardian angel is no longer with you, think again. Your angel was assigned to you before your beginning. Your destiny was assigned to you before you were in your mother’s womb – but you are also given the choice to decide which way to go.

The other night I had an experience that reminded me that when God assigns our angels, it’s not a temporary assignment (like when you turn 21 you’re on your own). No, no matter if you’re 101 your angel is still with you.

When I do my nightly prayers, talking with the Lord, I settle myself in my bathroom – yes bathroom. The word is, go into your closet. Why? So there will be no distractions, nothing to catch your train of thought. My closet is pretty stuffy, so I choose the bathroom, putting a towel down to cushion the toilet seat. That’s where I perch myself. Remember, God will be with you no matter where you are. I find it’s a place where there’s no traffic or items of distraction. It works perfectly for me.

Anyway, before I start my prayers, I set my needed medications on the counter. And when my back is hurting, I take a pain pill to ease it so I can concentrate on my prayers and conversation with the Lord.

Well, the other night as I sat down to pray, my back started to go into pain mode. So I got up and took a pain pill, thanking the Lord for the medication and giving Him praise when the pain leaves.

As I was praying I started to get very sleepy – to the point of not being able to keep my eyes open. I wondered why, and tried to continue to pray.

All of a sudden I felt myself being stopped and set back up on the seat. Like someone caught me before I fell, and set me up again. I woke up completely alert. What in the world happened? I thought as I sat there for a moment trying to figure out what had just taken place, I realized that instead of taking a pain pill, I took a muscle relaxer, and it took affect quickly. As I was falling off the seat onto the floor, something or someone stopped me and set me back on the seat! Yes! I realized my angel was the corrector of my fall!

If I had fallen, I would have hit my head on the corner of the wall and landed on the floor between the shower and toilet seat – not a good thing.

Being totally awake at this point, I had no trouble finishing my time in prayer. Continually thanking the Lord for my angel for seeing that I wasn’t hurt.

So you see, our angels never leave us – unless we leave the Word of God.

Take care my friends and thank the Lord for all of your angels and blessings. Think back on all the times you were in a close situation and came out of it in good shape. As much as you think it was you – think again.

March 2017