Thieves Beware!

by Sally

Is what you have in your home really yours? Or are you holding it for someone’s urge to “have fun” and break into the privacy of your home and take the things you hold on to as memories, or have because you finally can have something that wasn’t bought at Salvation Army or Goodwill?

I never thought of a burglary happening to my home. I don’t have a fancy home, fancy car or even fancy clothes.

Things were going along fairly well until the morning I woke up and couldn’t breathe. When I finally got the strength to call the doctor and then drive into town (I lived in the desert about 20 miles from my doctor), I received the news of a heart problem. My family and friends more or less insisted that I move to town where I would be closer to the doctors and hospitals.

After some time, I sold my home and bought a nice home in town. Still working, I became more aware of my heart condition by the weakness in my body and the all over tiredness. Realizing I wouldn’t be able to pay for my home if I couldn’t work, I sold my house (just before the home loan crashes came) and made enough profit to buy a double wide mobile home.

Shortly after that I became very sick. My friends and family moved all my things for me. (I will be forever grateful to them for their help.) Soon after the move, I was hospitalized with congestive heart failure, stage 4. I spent the next 3 to 3½ years in and out of hospitals. When I felt I needed to be in the hospital, my daughter would ask me which one I wanted to go to.

By this time I had to quit my job and was living on social security only. I thank the Lord that I had enough from the sale of my home to pay cash for my mobile home, and paid off my car, with a little left for emergencies, like hospital co-pays.

I had a very rough four years trying to live on social security, carrying around tanks of oxygen, and taking approximately 15 pills per day, plus vitamins.

When the doctor told me I could drive again, I didn’t trust myself. So I held off driving until one day I got in the car and drove very slowly around the park I was living in, getting my courage and faith up, my thoughts and reaction time.

When they told me I would be on oxygen all my life, I said, “I don’t think so,” and slowly weaned myself off the bottled air.

About 4½ years later I was feeling stronger and walking farther without being winded or tired. I had all my friends praying for me and as my brother said, “I said some more good ole Catholic prayers for you!” You see we were both raised Catholic, but I had changed to Christian. I laughed and told him we were both praying to the same God.

It was time for a doctor visit and all my friends thought I was getting better. I was doing more, and I felt the same as they did. The doctors did an Echocardiogram, a read out on my pacer/defibrillator, and it reported a normal heart. They took a cardiogram and then I saw the doctor. He told me that some people respond to medicine faster than others, and that after having a stage 4 congestive heart failure, with only 15% of my heart working, I now have a normal heart!

I jumped up and said, “Praise God!” The doctor said whatever you have been doing, keep it up. “Praying,” I replied. “That will do it,” he said.

So, what does this have to do with the beginning of this story? I thank the Lord that my heart was strong enough for me to get through the robbery of my precious memories of my mother’s things and gifts that were given to me.

The thieves took almost all my jewelry, all my rings which were my mom’s, birthday presents, and other memories. But not only did they take my jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces), but also all my medication I need to continue to take until the doctor feels safe to take off. I really am concerned about the use that will be made of the pills. Most of them lowered blood pressure. If anyone takes these pills wrongly, or with sleeping pills (they took those also), and maybe something else, there’s a possibility they could end up in the hospital.

I am doing well, considering what I came home to one night, and I have forgiven them for taking my things. But I pray that those pills will not be misused.

Parents and grandparents – try to check your children and grandchildren so they do not end up in the hospital for having fun at someone else’s expense, only to end up at their expense.

But I’ll tell you now, no matter what happens, God can be the answer. I now have a normal heart after the doctor giving up on me in the hospital, telling my daughter to, “Just keep her comfortable.” I urge you to check out HIS promises in the Bible, and know HE does not go back on His word. You will find healing and have peace when things go wrong. I have peace, even after losing things that brought memories of my mother, a deceased husband, a trip to Israel, and others.

Please do yourself a favor and read this story and ask yourself, “Do you have someone standing behind you in troubled times?”

Material things can be replaced, and the memories are still with you even if the article is gone, but the hard and sad feelings you will have can only be comforted by prayer.

Oh yes, the thieves also helped themselves to my frozen TV dinners, and took my box of ice cream bars (leaving me one), my face cream, my eyebrow pencils (leaving me one), and my mascara (leaving me 2). I wondered if by leaving me one of each item made them feel better? Actually when I noticed that I started to laugh – it just tickled me!

Nov, 2011

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