The Tides of Time

by Sally

Have you noticed lately how fast the days are passing by? And it seems the things you plan to do each day are never done because you ran out of time? I sure have.

We hear talk and facts that the earth is warming – the glaciers in Alaska are slowly melting, the weather changes we are experiencing – more tornados, harder snow storms, excessive rain and floods.

If all that ice in Alaska and other parts totally melts, we would have excess water. Where would it go – into the current rivers, oceans and the making of new rivers and water ways? (Sounds like the time of Noah, doesn’t it?!)

We hear and see of houses being swept away by overflow of rivers, landslides, hurricanes and tornados, leaving unprecedented damages.

Noah was told about the coming rain. But people at that time didn’t know what rain was. They had dew on the ground to water their gardens. But rain? What was rain?

And Noah was told to build an Ark for his family and the animals. How would you react to seeing an ark built in every yard? And your neighbors’ yards filled with animals waiting to board each ark? Would you think you were seeing things? Going crazy? Or would you join them?

If we all could receive warnings of coming events wouldn’t that be awesome! A lot of us do. But what do we do about it? Sit back and say, “It’s just my imagination”? Or really pay attention to the warning you are given and prepare for it? If you were told you only had two years to prepare for a famine what would you do? Laugh it off, or start preparing?

Changes in our world are happening every day, month and year. And more will continue to come, some radical, very radical. So what are your plans? How are you going to prepare? Do you know what changes are coming, or are you going to sit back and wait and see, and then act (when it’s too late)?

April 14, 2014

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