“The Shack”

By Sally

My friends and I got together last night to watch the movie “The Shack.” We ordered pizza and stuffed ourselves and began the movie.

This story is about a family of love – but upon going on a camping trip in a public place . . . Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but will give a couple of highlights. You really need to watch this.

While camping their son and oldest daughter went canoeing. The canoe tipped over, pinning the boy under. The father swam to get the boy, leaving his little girl at the table coloring. Now this was at a public camping site, and friends were around – plenty of people. When the father rescued the boy and returned to the little girl, she was gone! And each of the family members took the blame upon themselves, especially the dad and the older girl and mother. But the dad was carrying the heaviest blame.

At the camping site was an old falling apart shack the dad found when they were searching for the little girl.

Honestly, there is so much to tell and say about this movie, “The Shack” that there is no way I could even begin to touch its content. It’s a “must see” movie. We all had read the book, but the movie put it in such a “real” perspective. I urge you all to get the DVD and watch it.

We started to tear up really bad when the father went back to the camping site and “the shack” looking for clues of what happened to his little girl.

I’ll not say any more except please watch this movie. You’ll never regret it. It will get hold of you from the very beginning.

June 2017