The Ideas We Get

By Sally

As I was enjoying my coffee and cookies this morning, a cookie went down the wrong way. I started to cough and tried to cough up the cookie. But nothing was working.

While coughing my head off (so to speak) I noticed one of my cats (Big Red) was sitting in front of me watching my problem. “I’m going to teach you the Heimlich Maneuver,” I thought. Then, realizing it would be kind of hard since her paws weren’t long enough to get around me and she doesn’t weigh enough to jump on my back and make any difference, I had a great idea – teach her to dial 911.

Sure, I thought. Then when she got through, how would she communicate? Meow, meow MEOW!! Hmm, maybe I could teach her to meow in Morse Code – like mew – mew – mew – meow – meow – meow – mew – mew – mew.

Then, I thought that would be a really difficult thing to do, especially since she doesn’t meow very loud to begin with.

By this time the cookie in my throat had moved down and disintegrated, so all my educational thoughts of teaching the cat had left my great idea hanging from the ceiling without a trace of reincarnation. So, putting that thought into the “do not revive” bucket, I went about my day, forgetting about teaching the cat anything — at least for now.

July 2018