The Five Senses

by Sally

The five senses are an amazing part of our lives. Our bodies can step in and substitute or increase an injured sense when needed.

The sense of smell tells us so much of our surroundings that we don’t even have to look to see the reason for the odor. And don’t you feel like shouting when someone comes along with a can of air spray to take away the smell and interfere with your imagination of distinguishing its source.

Our eyes are so valuable in our life. The way to compensate for them is our sense of smell, or feel, or hearing.

So many aspects of our body tell us when things are wrong.

When we step into an area and feel the air, we can sense either a negative or positive condition.

Some people say, “I can feel the “___?___” in this place. Can you?” As much as you try, often you cannot adjust yourself to what that person is talking about, and with a feeling of dismay, you walk away.

September, 2011

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