The Dog Has Got To Go!

by Sally

Have you taken inventory of your life lately?

Do you recognize when you have overcome great obstacles they you swell up with joy, pride and self cheering, with a smile that you can’t stop (not that you really want it to) as you rush to the mirror to see that smile, and tell yourself, “You’re good!”

Have you tried to jump a wall lately? (Don’t feel bad, your dog can’t either.)

Do you grunt and groan when you try to open a new jar? (You’re dog can’t do that either!) Then you grab the pliers and find they won’t fit around the cap? You try hitting it with the edge of a knife, but it still doesn’t open! (About this time your dog is scratching his head wondering what you are doing!) Exhausted you give up in disappointment and plop yourself into your chair and scratch your head, sighing silently. (Yes, your dog can do that!)

But rejoice a new challenge is coming. You don’t know what, when or where, but one thing you know for sure, your dog can’t do that!

December, 2011

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