Talk Shows

By Sally

It amazes me the programs that people watch – religiously!

Some of the TV shows are really unreal. Like several programs right after one another of “I’m not your baby’s father,” “I don’t know who the father of my child is, but I have an idea and want them to take a test” – then it turns out that when the mom who she swears is the father is not , she remembers about three other men she slept with! Come on – on national TV?!? Why do people do such idiotic things where a nation is watching? Then they fight. Yes, pull hair, punch. It’s really sickening. And the audience plays into it also with their yelling and booing. I wonder how much these people are paid to do these ridiculous things. They’ve got to be paid for it – to make a fool of themselves on TV!?

I know we’re not to judge people, and I’m not; really I’m not. I just think they are so hard up for some money they agree to do these shows and that’s just what are – shows.

Okay, I’ve settled down now. In a way I actually feel sorry for the people that do these shows – the producer who has to release his moral standards to put on a show like that, the commentator or host who has to accommodate the producer by being on that show, the audience that seems to enjoy the show, and not last, the people (actors) that are paid to do those accusations, fights, etc.

If you feel the same way, you can help, not only yourself, but others, by not watching the programs. I unfortunately was in a home where that’s just about all they watched. I was ready to pull the plug or something. Needless to say, I asked the Lord what to do and He gave me peace in my soul/spirit to leave the assignment, which I did. And today being my first day of “freedom,” I am celebrating – NO TV! (at least not those programs)

The next time you turn on a program, ask yourself, “Do I really want to watch this?” And you may or may not choose to. But remember, we’re all given freedom of choice – by God – so use it wisely.

July 2014

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