Stray Cats

By Sally

People don’t realize that when they move and leave their pets behind, especially cats, it’s hard on the pets just as much as on the owners.

Most pets never had to look for food, and now they have to start a new life. They have to find a place to sleep, some food, and find themselves a new owner, someone that will love them, pet them and feed them, like they had before.

A lady down my street had to downsize and couldn’t take her cat. She asked me to take the cat and I sadly said I couldn’t. I had taken two cats from a friend who got married and her husband was allergic to cats. I had kept them at times when she traveled, so they were almost like mine already, and naturally I said yes. Having a cat of my own already, I suddenly had three cats. My family expanded overnight.

I told the lady that was moving that if she couldn’t feed the cat to send it to my house. I was already feeding another left-behind cat that I’ve known since it was a kitten. I want to do my errands and when I returned home I found her cat sitting on my steps. Getting out of my car, I said, “How did you know where I live?”

The cat made himself at home and acted as door guard – in other words, a bully. It’s been several months since the cat, which I named “Checkers” took over my yard, daring any other cat to set foot on my property.

I have another cat that has been coming over to eat and sit on my steps since it was a kitten. I call it “Blackie.” Blackie is a black cat with a little spot of white. The other day I started spraying Checkers every time he started to be a bully. That was the easiest way to stop the possible fights. I started to talk to Checkers, telling him what a bully he was. The cat sat down on the steps and turned his back to me. I said, “Don’t turn you back to me when I’m talking to you!” Checkers got up and turned around and looked at me. (I was really trying to hold back from laughing when he turned around to face me.) Then he put his head down. Once again I said, “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” Checkers lifted his head and looked at me. (I had to cover my face at this point for wanting to laugh).

Did you ever try to tell your pet to be nice? They don’t like that either. I say that to Frankie, my own first cat, when he gets a certain look on his face, but he looks off and tries to keep his cool. Honestly, they’re just like kids – stubborn kids. But it’s hilarious watching their responses to your words.

This is not the end. Checkers met Blackie, and voila! Kittens! So now my inside family is Frankie, YoYo and Brandy. And my outside family is Checkers, Blackie, Speckles, Blackie Jr, Mister and Little One.

I know what you’re thinking. Believe me that thought has crossed my mind many times. But I’ve had other visitors too, like baby javelina with mama & papa, and a coyote, which I really enjoyed. No, I don’t have a lot of property, just animal friendly. But people are welcome too. Oh, yes, I even had a dove knock at my door once!

February 2017