Stop and Think

By Sally

I was exhausted when I got home from work. I basically collapsed in my recliner chair. Picking up the remote, I was looking for a nice peaceful program to enjoy and get some nice thoughts and a good feeling.

Going through the channels and stopping at each one long enough to see what it was about, I became more depressed (down in feeling & more tired) because all I found was disaster, killing, shooting, vengeance. It seemed like the only thing to watch were the commercials (if you’re that desperate!). To find a nice wholesome program with no violence, no sex, no car smashes and so on, was impossible. There ought to be a rule that only one channel at a time can have a violent, sexy program.

Programs I watched when I was younger, before there was cable or dish, I watched for free. Now you pay to see the same shows. And even when I watch them, I notice things about them I didn’t before. Why? Because it wasn’t brought to my attention like tings are now. I used to watch them in joy and relaxment, but now I see lying and sexy dress. I get something different out of them because it’s been shoved in my face on every program. Even the commercials are using so much sex it’s sickening.

Before I got a laugh or enjoyment out of commercials, now I turn them off up to the point of turning off the TV. Even on the family programs sex and lying show up. Is that all the producers think we want to watch?

I look for the old movies. Even some of those have violence, but they aren’t as ruthless and violent as it is now. To see someone get shot or stabbed is enough. But to see their guts flow out or strange things come out of their bodies? Come on! Where is the limit to these things! No wonder our crime rate soars. People are shot because it’s drilled into us, into our thoughts. We see it so much it penetrates our moral values. What’s happened to our love for one another, our desire to live in peace, our enjoyment of doing something good, not enjoyment of taking someone’s life? We have really gotten convinced that being mean, rough and touch, with no feelings, is the way to go.

Well, let me tell you something. That way will only get you in the position you put that other person into. All that way of living will get you is a life of temptation that you cannot stop. And the only way to stop it, or you, is a fatal end.

People and families you hurt don’t want to forgive. They will do all they can to get even with you. Your life is a dead end unless you change and do it now. Resist the temptation of hurting someone or doing damage to someone else or their property. It will just come back on you.

So stop and think. Do you want someone to do the same to you or your loved ones? Is that the way you want your life to be? To be remembered by? I call out to you to stop and think. I mean really think, with a clear mind, is that the way you want you and your family, your children who you’ve created, to live?

When God said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and you harm that neighbor, you must have a very, very low opinion of yourself and really don’t care about your family.

August 2015