by Sally

Have you ever wondered why spiders go back and forth instead of in circles? Could it be it’s because they can’t decide to start down and go up or start up and go down? And that’s when they go in circles!

Have you ever looked at a carpet with sort of a scalloped design woven into it? It’s really amazing what you find – Indian heads with a full headdress, turkeys, faces, flowers, much more. I wonder if these were put there intentionally or they just happened. Try it sometime, you’ll be amazed!

It seems like the beauty cream manufactures are continually using fruits and vegetables in their products. I wonder if they will ever find a use for cabbage or radishes. Can you see yourself peeling radishes off your acne areas or cabbage leaves off your face? Or maybe off your fatty areas? Can you imagine being told you can eat your face cream?

April, 2012

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