Soap Box

By Sally

Why has this racial barrier – hate – continued over the years? What has carried this negative attitude through so many generations (ancestral hatred)? God made us all equal and in His image. Just because there is a difference of skin tone doesn’t mean they are all “unwanted people.”

Since the time of the Indians, the Chinese and all the other different races, so many of us still carry the thoughts of dislike in our hearts. (I say dislike because I don’t like to use the term or word hate.)

These people came from different parts of the world. It doesn’t mean they are our slaves, or they are beneath us! There are a lot of very intelligent people in all races. They have been brought up in different life styles, with different values, and at least fifty percent of them are hard workers trying to improve their life style.

I’m not pro- any race, just pro- God’s creation.

There are good and bad in every race and the bad ones just seem to get all the publicity, making everyone think they are all that way. I’ve known some people in various races, and worked with some who were very smart and caring. You know if you’d gotten shoved around a lot you might have turned to retaliation, too. If you didn’t have God’s word in your heart, you’d see – evil breeds hate and can’t stand love. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Love conquers all.” Well, it does.

Just by showing some little kindness it will go a long way. Look at the doctors, nurses, care-givers. They all take care of people no matter what their race is. Sure, you say, “It’s their job.” Yes it is, but they’re in that line of work because they care!

You wouldn’t want to have a doctor take care of you just because “it’s their job.” What kind of care would you get then?

I’m not trying to push anything on you except to care. How many of you know your neighbors? So many of us live in apartments or communities for years and don’t know the person on the other side of the wall.

I think it’s time we reach out and show a little kindness to others. I can’t believe how angry people are today. If you smile and say hello, they just grunt, give a mean look or word, and turn away. But just keep trying. It will eventually get through to someone who really needs a smile and a good word. Don’t give up!

You might be surprised as to what you can learn from others and what you can teach them because of your different life style. A lot of our ancestors came from other countries too. Think of the hardships they must have encountered.

Someone along the line must have reached out to them too. Aren’t you glad they did!

April 2015

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