So Sad!

By Sally

In the past year (maybe a little longer) I had cats that were abandoned by the people who moved out and just didn’t take them, or couldn’t because they went to a care home, so they left them behind. The word got around by word of mouth (cat mouth – one meow to another) that I had cats and there was food & water at my house.

There was one cat I had taken care of for a while. I named him Blackie (you probably know why). When he was a kitten, he followed his owner (about 12 year old Hispanic girl) who came knocking at my door asking if I had any extra cat food. I asked her if she had a bowl and she ran home and got one. She quickly returned. I filled the bowl. She said her dad refused to buy food for the cat. Well, they moved, leaving the cat behind. But the cat still came by and asked for food.

I usually have my door open on nice days, with the screen door locked so my cats can look out and enjoy licking their lips at the birds. One day Blackie showed up with five little ones wanting food. I fed them and put out water for them. My cats were happy to see them and they had many conversations through the screen door. I would leave the door open and told my cats to let me know when they showed up, and they did. The minute they came into sight, my cats would start yelling to me and I knew it was feeding time.

This went on for quite a while. There was one kitten almost pure white with some black & brown speckles. So, yes, you guessed it, I called her Speckles (I’m so original at naming!) All was well for quite some time until my neighbor, who I knew didn’t like cats, complained to the park management. And consequently, I was watched. Not fun!

The cats would come by, sometimes just to say Hi and talk with my cats. Very enjoyable! But one day I heard footsteps and voices coming closer and I told the cats to go! They scattered. When the footsteps got to my patio, all were gone. I was told not to feed the cats; it was against the law. So I agreed.

It’s been a while. My cats watched for their friends for some time and were disappointed when they didn’t show. So was I. I missed the enjoyment they brought with their playing and chatting with my cats (and at times, with me).

Now there’s nothing for my cats or me to watch for, and my cats have lost their desire to look outside, and hardly come to look out the door anymore.

It’s sad, first for people to just abandon their pets, and second for someone to take away the enjoyment of another. We – my cats and I – miss them and hope to see them and know they are okay. We miss the joy of our visiting friends.

July 2018