By Sally

I have an imaginary dog named “Smoochie.” He isn’t a pure bred, but he’s very cute and loveable. He’s a very good listener and follows me everywhere, no matter where I go. Even when I’m out shopping, sometimes I’ll look down and there he is at my feet, looking up at me with his big brown eyes and wagging his stubby tail.

If I had my choice of Smoochie or a beautiful pure bred, I’m sure I would pick Smoochie. He’s kind of like some people – they are not the nicest ones to look at. Don’t you find yourself wondering sometimes when you see an “odd” couple what one sees in the other? Well we do – even thought we don’t give our thoughts a second thought. But you know, the world is like that. All things are not alike. And if they were, wouldn’t it be boring – same hair color, same smile, same house, same car. You get my point.

We are all made differently. Yeah, sometimes we do resemble someone and that’s kind of nice too. But we all are individuals in our own ways.

You could have a family of three sets of twins and they would all be different.

I wonder if the inventors of robots ever thought of making their machines that are supposed to be “like humans” a little different?

God made us all in his image, but still we are all different. We are made with love, joy, sadness, and many other traits. We love in many different ways, and are loved in return in many different ways. And that’s how God loves us.

May 2016