Sick? Not Me!

By Sally

It seems – and I’ve come across people like this many times – that when some people are sick, a little sick or really sick, they seem to tuck themselves into bed (or on the couch or recliner), pull the covers over themselves, and pretend the world does not exist. Maybe they think if they hide themselves and don’t talk, see anyone or move, they will heal instantly. Well, take it from me, it doesn’t work that way.

Staying dormant while you are sick can be a wrong step toward healing. Your body is made for motion. If you do not use your body, even though you feel like a semi truck just rolled over you, you could add other illnesses to the problem you already have. I’m not talking about jumping out of bed after a serious operation and starting to prepare for a fifty yard dash! Gentle movements are necessary to keep a good blood circulation, to ward off getting pneumonia, and to keep your muscles in operation.

Being able to walk around, even with a walker, is one of the best things to do for your recovery, even if it’s just a stiff neck, or, OK I hear you – I’ve got migraines and can’t even lift my head. So have you taken your vitamin B pill today? Have you been straining your eyes? Do you have a heating pad?

I had migraines all the time when I was a young girl in school. I lay on the couch with my head wrapped with a heating pad trying to fall asleep, sometimes for a week at a time. My cheerful doctor said, “You’ll grow out of it,” and gave me a shot of B-12. Well, yes, I did grow out of them. I also changed my lifestyle as much as I could, not that it was so bad or absurd. I got more active – road my bicycle more, planted a garden, etc. I don’t remember how long I had the headaches; they just got farther and further apart, and then disappeared!

So, get on the internet and do some research. Maybe you’ll find something that’ll work for you.

Don’t give up on life because you’re sick. Bring in more life to make sickness step aside. And use your down time to read the bible and praise the Lord for what you can do.

November, 20 2013

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