by Sally

When you separate the good from the bad, only good can come out of it. But when you separate love from the heart, it is total disaster!

The part taken away may not respond to the division of the heart until a long period of time. Afterwards it begins to slowly deteriorate until it is once again in the presence of, and reunited with, the heart. While the heart immediately goes into seclusion as it eats away at its own feelings until it is in the process of non-existence.

The heart becomes like stone, cold and hard. All the love it had is pushed into almost non-existence, but deep down it still beats for the chance of being reunited with what it has lost. And the part that was removed – no matter bad or good – begins to have feelings of which it knows not – because at the time of separation its feelings were severed, only to slowly, slowly grow back, only to eat away at the hardness it had developed.

This will continue until both love and heart are together again. If you put both heart and love separate in your hands, it will feel cold and lifeless. But when you put them together in one hand you will feel warmth forming – enabling heart and love to live again.

December, 2011


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