By Sally

I was told of the mission by God one night. Telling a friend about it, she said, “You better do it as soon as you can.” I agree, but had some areas I wasn’t sure of.

I was told to go Sandusky and go meet a family named Greenly (not sure of the name; it’s been a long time). Being from the Cleveland, Ohio area, I thought of Sandusky, Ohio. When I said, “Go to Sandusky, Ohio?” I felt peace, as that seemed to be what God wanted me to do.

My brother still lived in Ohio, so I thought I’d stay with him and drive to Sandusky to look up the Greenly family. I needed a rental car, but I had no credit card to get one, and wasn’t sure I had the cost of the airfare.

Getting a week off from work, I acquired the airfare and made the reservation. I called my brother and told him I was coming. He said he would pick me up, but I said, “I’m getting a rental car.” He said, “Do you have a credit card?” I said, “No. I’ll call you when I get into the airport.”

When I got to the airport in Ohio, I asked for a rental car. No problem. I got a wonderful car and drove to my brother’s house. He was very surprised (as was I). I explained to him why I was there and needed to go to Sandusky.

“Do you know these people?” he asked. “No,” I said, “But I’ll find them.” He said, “What if they are black?” (This was many years ago.) I said, “Well, I’ll just talk to them, too.” “Do you want me to come with you?” my brother asked. “No,” I said, “I’ll be okay.”

The next day I went to Sandusky. I stopped at a phone booth (I said it was some years ago) and checked the phone book. There was only one Greenly listed.

After driving around for a while (there were no cell phones or GPS maps at that time) I found the address. I walked up to the door and knocked. It was a few minutes before the door was opened, and, yes, it was an elderly black man. He was very polite and asked what I needed. I asked him if he was Greenly. He said, “No, there are no Greenlys here.” I asked, “Do you know of a Greenly from this address?” “No, I don’t remember anyone like that.”

I gave him my brother’s phone number and explained to him where I came from and why I was there. I asked him to call me if he thought of anyone with that name, and told him I would be there for a week.

He was very polite and said, “Yes” and told me he believed in God and thanked me.

I left to return to my brother’s house. I had to answer a lot of questions from my brother. He was surprised at what I told him.

The man never called and I returned to Tucson.

I actually enjoyed that voyage and was a little disappointed that I didn’t find a Greenly, but relieved to be back in Tucson, at home.

My friend and I decided it was a test from the Lord to see how well I would accept and do what I was asked. I think about that journey once in a while and am glad I went, especially since God supplied all I needed.

April 2014