Self Defense

by Sally

Isn’t it strange when you talk about the days of growing up and what you were like , that when people say, “Oh, you were a rebel,” or “You didn’t like to fail,” or “You were a bully,” and you really didn’t consider yourself that way at all, then or now.

People, I believe, like to tag you with a name or category which really wasn’t the situation at the time. But for some reason when they stuck you with that title you became a little offended, knowing you weren’t like that all the time, only when you needed to be. Sort of a self defense mechanism jumped in and took over. But those times helped to mold us the way we are today – prepared not to shun away from objection or rejection in our lives, but to put our self defense into action, which in turn brings us out of the problems we (yes, we) got ourselves into. Kind of a secret weapon waiting to be called upon. I’m not talking about physical abuse or a wordy confrontation (Have you heard, “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”?), but to receive insight as to how to confront our problems with inner strength.

For instance, when we need to take hold of troubled areas in our lives, we don’t give up only to sit down and say, “Oh well, I can’t do anything about that.” But our self defense pops up to say, “Yes, I can.” And if you want to call it spirit, spunk, or cleverness, it’s what you needed at that time.

We are all built with self defense mechanisms in our bodies. And I am sure if we would just stop and think before we act, we would find to answers to a lot of our problems, instead of counting ourselves out before we even try. There are times when we need to call upon that inner strength to get us through our trials and tribulations of today – but maybe in a different way.

Sept 2012

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