Roommate vs Visitor

by Sally

Frankie is my cat, who is very active in letting you know his feelings when things don’t go the way he wants them to, or if you make changes in the house.

I cat-sit. Sometimes the cats are brought to my house, and sometimes I go to their house. Frankie enjoys the company, knowing they are only temporary. When they leave it takes Frankie a couple of days to recoup the energy he used playing.

Thinking Frankie needed a roommate that he could play with, I got a cat that needed a home. When I brought the cat home, Frankie was OK with that, probably thinking another visitor. However, when I brought in the new cat’s food dish and water jug, 10 bells lit up in Frankie’s mind, “It’s staying! It’s not a visitor! It’s gonna take over my territory – forever!”

Well, after two days the battle was on. Frankie wasted no time in showing that cat that this was his home – his rule and reign – and to stay out of his way.

The cat was just as big as Frankie, but soft. Frankie is all muscle, like he was working out in the gym. Really! You pet him and he is solid! No fluff.

Back to the battle. I had to put Frankie on time out a few times (he hates that), but it didn’t help at all. Separating them, separating their food, and many other things like petting the new arrival when Frankie couldn’t see, didn’t help. But finally it wore me down and I decided to take the cat back.

Looking at Frankie’s (I could swear I saw a smile on his face, or was it a winner’s grin?), I said, “Before I bring home another cat, I’ll make sure it has had boxing lessons and lifts weights so it can contend with you!”

Once again my home is peaceful with Frankie at the helm.

May, 2013

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