Retail – Part 2

By Sally

One of the work fun things in retail, at least where I was working, was unloading the truck. We received a truck almost every day.

We set up a roller track that lead from the truck into the stock room and extended for about, oh, maybe 15 feet.

The driver put the boxes on the roller, and we rolled them to the end, with employees opening them and pulling out the items, unwrapping them, and putting them (except the clothing) on rolling, tiered carts. The clothes were left in the boxes until all the dishes and miscellaneous objects were cleared out and taken to the places where they belonged. The clothes were then laid out on the rolling carts and then hung on a rack or, or if needed, on hangers.

All this hard work was done while looking at everything, sometimes deciding if you wanted to buy it or not (and there goes your pay check).

I remember one time, four silk, waist fit jackets came in, really nice and not expensive. Well, they never made it to the floor. That was just one of the many instances. If things were damaged, they would be recorded and either given to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, or put into the dumpster, depending on how damaged they were.

We had bar code security tags at first that you had to put on each item, somewhere unnoticeable. But people still made it out the doors with the items.

By doing this unloading, we got to recognize the items and prices, so when they got to the register, if an item had a different price it would kind of set off an alarm in your mind (especially if you liked the item).

At first, this morning task was just a task, until someone started to comment on the items. This started a chain reaction. Then there came the cart races to see who could empty their four-tiered cart first. So you see, hard things could be made fun. And when they become fun, they are easy to do.

Some of the new employees we had didn’t care for the truck unloading party and sometimes just disappeared – never to be seen again. Oh well!

August 2017