by Sally

As we get older there are things we miss doing or seeing – like riding a pony, first time ice skating (and maybe the last), watching the stars and picking out the formations, and reading faces and shapes in the clouds.

Oh yes, we can still do these things, but somehow they don’t affect us now like they did when we were younger.

We not only change physically, but so does our outlook, our view on things and our (ahem) attitude.

But I do know this – it’s the memories and first experiences that keep us young. For when we remember our excitement and experiences from when we were young, it makes us feel young again.

So my advice is – keep looking back ad remembering, and the smiles that come across your mind will show on your face. And when anyone remembers a smile comes across their face and their eyes will sparkle, thus making us look and feel younger. So keep on remembering and keep smiling.

January, 2013

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