by Sally

Remember when you took a flight to see a relative, you took one or two pieces of luggage and a carry on? For free! And you could put anything you wanted in them – full bottles of hair shampoo, full jars of face cream, and other things you didn’t have to measure down. Plus a sandwich, a bottle of water, etc. And you were served nice lunches and beverages.

Now you pay more for the ticket and pay for the luggage which can only be a certain weight. You’re not allowed to take on a beverage, food, etc.

The boarding consists of you taking off your shoes, getting patted down or wanded, x-raying of your luggage. And instead of having to be there an hour early, you need almost two hours. And for all this extra, you are privileged to pay more for your ticket! WOW! We’ve sure come a long way baby!

August, 2012

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