by Sally

Women are the happiest when they are decorating, making something prettier or fancier or better. Whatever the way they choose, the end project ends up with an, “I just love it!” or “It sends goose bumps all over my body!”

It’s interesting to investigate the un-interesting, to come to the end of an interesting question that brings un-interesting results that can only interest someone who is not interested!

Did you ever wonder?

  1. Who taught the spider to spin a web?
  2. Who blew the “C” note to the crickets so when they rub their legs together they will be “in tune?”
  3. What made the zebra decide to wear black and white stripes?
  4. Why a cat doesn’t just pounce on a mouse and scare it to death, instead of chasing it around until it has a heart attack and falls over?

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