Past the Age

By Sally

Hey! All you guys and gals over 65. Reach for the sky! Whatever you want to do (unless it is illegal) is in your pocket!

That’s right. You’ve earned your duty to life – family, employment, etc. You don’t need anyone’s approval to do what you would like (depending on your health, of course), but even without an excellent body or pocket book, there are things you can do without wondering, “What would my family or my friends think?”

Oh yeah, they might say, “At your age?” or “It’s too much for you to do.” Even if it’s only taking a ride to visit a friend in another state, or just to go on a sightseeing tour, or even get married again! So what if you’re 80 or 90, you still can enjoy life! No need to say, “Well, I’m too old to do that.” No you’re not!

Think of something you’ve always wanted to do, or somewhere you wanted to visit. I realize a lot of us are under a doctor’s care. But if all you’re doing is staying home, twiddling your thumbs, looking at the walls, it’s time to make a change. And there are times when change can be the best thing for you. So take your medicine with you, but enjoy what you have left.


And I speak now to family members. Just because you have a busy schedule, it doesn’t give you permission not to include your family members in some part of that routine – a routine we often get stuck in and don’t “think” we have any time for anything else – or anyone else.

When parents have children, they basically give their lives to them – dads work to supply all their needs, and moms make sure they are well cared for. You probably know the rest. But no matter how you feel towards your own parents, they are still a part of your past, present and future.

Okay, my lecture is over. All I want to say is – no matter how busy, how old, how sick – they are, there’s still room to show how you care for and love them. Take advantage of it. You’ll never regret it.


Back to the older generation. Yes, you’re spent your life working hard for your family. Now even though you’re “older,” it’s still your time to shine. If you’re in a care home, talk to your family and be a part of them, but not a ruler to them. What they do is their God given choice, and that goes for you too!

Take care and enjoy. Love to you.

August 2017