Over the Mountain We Go!

By Sally

My friend and I decided to take a trip to Bisbee and go by a back road way through the Cochise mountain range.

I had an old Dodge pickup. So we prepared the truck and put a cooler chest in the back with water and snacks, and off we went.

We traveled a main road for a while and then turned off on a self-made road – part gravel, part mud – to take to the other side. Some of the road was very narrow and rocky. But we kept going. And then the road turned into a one track path right into the trees. We stopped the truck and got out to walk around looking for another path to follow. After walking around for a while and having some snacks, we drove a little further with still no signs of a road or civilization.

Stopping the truck again, we got out and walked some more. “I hear cars,” I said. So we jumped into the truck and drove straight ahead, and came to an abrupt stop.

We got out of the truck (once again) and looked out, realizing we were sitting on top of a mountain side which ended at the highway. There were no fences or barriers. Thinking it over, and checking the steepness of the mountain side, we decided to go for it. Down we went, straight for the highway, stopping just short of it. Checking for oncoming cars, we came off the mountain side landing onto the highway, like someone had just picked us up and dropped us on the road.

Then we wondered which way we should go. Straight ahead, of course. And 20 miles later we found ourselves overlooking Bisbee!

We went around town, had lunch, and drove back – by regular highways.

September 2014

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