by Sally

Did you ever look at something and say to yourself, “I can do that”? Then you go home with all the materials and tools you need to do what you saw. And you are pretty proud of yourself all the time you are working on it – until —- until it’s done!

If it’s a picture, you prop it up or even hang it on the wall, and stand back to admire your work, only to say, “It’s not quite right, something is missing.”

Well, I’ve got news for you. Whenever you try to copy someone else’s work it will never be the same. Why? Because we are all different! We have our own little ways of doing things that makes our version different. It may be as simple as the way you hold a brush, or because you see things differently than others do.

Hey, let’s face it. We’re normal. We’re all made differently in some small way or another and when we copy other’s work our difference shows up!

But don’t panic. God made us this way. Why? So there would be variation in this world. Nothing would ever get invented or discovered if we were all the same, right?! So don’t be too hard on yourself if your project isn’t perfect – neither are we.

July 2, 2013

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