Once Again – Think About It

By Sally

Have you ever talked to yourself? Sure I have, you say.

Have you thought about what you talked to yourself about? Sure I have, you thought.

Have you analyzed what you have discussed with yourself – talking, thinking, analyzing of your inward/outward conversation? Yes, you reply.

And have you ever wondered why you even gave what you were thinking about a second thought? Or decided what you were thinking or talking about was just something you couldn’t change – something you already had done, and wondered why you ever did that?

The decisions we make aren’t always the right ones, and I am sure we have all had second thoughts on our actions after they have taken place. Why did I ever do that? How could I have thought it would work out that way? What in the world was I thinking?

Well, I want to tell you, you are not alone. So, so many of us do that. And say to ourselves, “I thought it over and, yes, that’s the way to go, only to find out later we were completely off the track.

Even though we consider the pros and cons of our situation, sometimes we just need another person’s pros and cons to infiltrate ours before we come up with an answer. And after consulting with someone else who we trust, we think our answer is still the better one, only to find out, we were once again on the wrong track.

The solution? Call out to God. Talk it over with Him and wait for an answer. Then my friend you will have the correct solution.

“I’ve tried than,” you say. “I’ve never gotten an answer.” Are you sure? Maybe the answer was “no.” Maybe you were so stuck on something turning out a certain way, you were not open to another thought.

Solution: Be open minded, willing to accept other insight, willing to accept the thoughts of God. It won’t hurt, you know, and probably will save you a lot more problems than what you had to begin with.

Once again – think about it – carefully.

August 2014

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