Oh Well

By Sally

Why do drivers cut across streets in front of you when there’s no one behind you for two blocks? And speed up behind you when you turn your turn signal on?

It seems like people in the right lane don’t know where they are until a light goes on and they cut across in front of you into the turn lane. Then there are those who pull out in front of you and go 10 mph.

Now let’s talk about pedestrians. It seems they stand on the corner, not giving a clue as to which way they are going to cross, and as soon as you decide to make your turn, they step off and give you a dirty look.

Parking lots are full of people who like to walk side-by-side in a party of four, taking all the space that was allotted for a car. And to top it off, they let their children run as they will.

Whatever happened to courtesy (on everyone’s part) and politeness (which is hard to find now anywhere)?

But you know a smile certainly wouldn’t crack their faces. Maybe that’s what they are so angry about. So, smile! And be surprised at the result!

March 2015

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