Not Really!

By Sally

If you have been as busy as I have bringing in the new and throwing out the old, I give you all my pity. Besides house cleaning and tying up loose ends from 2016, my days have been full – sorting papers, trying to decide what to keep and what I don’t need. And when all is finally sorted, deciding where to store the old stuff.

Trying to clean the old can run into a very long-lived job that seems to never end, but just get bigger. So what do you do when you get so involved that there seems like no end? Take a break! And if your break gets longer than a few hours, it’s even harder to get back into thought of ever tackling it again. Then what happens is you find yourself being a procrastinator! Oh yeah, it can happen. You pick up something, look at it, and can’t decide where to put it, so you make a new pile and label it “tomorrow.” And when that pile gets big enough, you decide it’s time for another break. After several breaks you walk back into the room, look at the mess you have made, and walk back out, closing the door behind you, feeling like you wish you had a padlock to permanently lock it out of sight! That is until the time comes when you need to find something that no doubt is in one of those piles.

Many thoughts cross your mind about how to clean up the mess. And at last you have a solution! You rent a small truck, drive out of town to a small farm, purchase your solution, drive back home, and open the locked door. Enter with your purchase and walk out leaving the purchase in the room. Problem solved!

What!? What was the purchase?! A very hungry goat!

Smile and enjoy the New Year.

January 2017