Need a Friend?

By Sally

Forgiveness is special – a gift we all have but somehow put on the back burner when we have been hurt, deceived or played upon.

Two words can make such a difference in someone’s life, especially in your own – for your peace of mind, your health, your life. They are “I forgive.”

“How can I forgive that person who did me so wrong?” you exclaim. I know it’s a very hard thing to do, and sometimes it hurts so strongly that it takes a while to even be able to think or talk about it. But the more you hold it in yourself, the harder it is to even think about it or consider forgiving. And sometimes you hold yourself guilty.

The thing is this. You are not hurting anyone but yourself by holding your pain within you. The sooner you can talk about it, the more release you’ll get from the effects of the attack that has destroyed – yes destroyed – your life.

You need to find someone who can understand you and knows you, someone who has gone through the deceit and pain like you. And the only one you can talk to, and spill out your feelings without it being told to others, is God. Yes, think about it. The things He went through and not for himself, but for you and me. Yet when we are hurt, who do we go to? Our friends, “Dear Abby,” or Facebook – all the wrong places. And people, God knows what you have been through and can heal you quicker than anyone’s kind word or action, because He does know, and because He loves you and wants the best for you.

There have been many times of hurt and anger in my life, and times when I’ve tried to heal myself. But that hurt kept hanging on until I turned it over to God. So, I’m speaking from a lot of experience. Don’t hang on to your hurt. It will only turn against you, not the one who did the affliction. Get rid of it. Get on with your life and enjoy the rest of your days in peace. Call out to God. Talk to Him like you talk to a friend, because He is your friend – a lifetime friend.

Receive peace for the rest of your life. And enjoy the blessings you have already been given, and the ones you will receive, through forgiving others who have hurt you.

November 2015