My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 2

by Sally

The start of my cruise vacation began at the airport – to catch my flight from Tucson to Atlanta to Tampa, Florida. No, actually it was driving to the airport. There’s a two lane road with no passing that runs quite a distance. Yes, you guessed it. We got behind a car going 30 MPH in a 40 MPH zone. And yes, the only cars on the road were us and the over-cautious driver in front of us.

When we arrived at the airport, we pulled up to the curb check-in stand for my airline. There was no one there. We both called out and walked around looking for someone. There was not one person at any of the ticket counters. Finally a man appeared asking if we needed help. “Yes,” I said, “I’m trying to get the plane to Atlanta.” The man said, “Oh, it’s too late to check in.” Then a man appeared at the ticket desk and asked if I wanted to get another flight. I thought, “I’m here. The plane is not scheduled to leave for another 20 to 30 minutes.” To make a long story short, I took another flight going through Utah, then Atlanta, and then Tampa.

Having to change terminals in Atlanta, and arriving at the outside of the terminal, I walked a ways to get to the baggage check and ticket verification area. When that was completed I went inside the terminal to my gate and guess what? The ticket officer at the gate told me I didn’t have a ticket to board the plane to Tampa. “I just got this ticket from the ticket desk outside,” I replied.” “You’ll have to go back and get the rest of your ticket.” So back I went. By the time I reached the desk there was no one there. I was exhausted. Finally someone from the other desk asked if I needed help. I told him I was only given part of my ticket. The man went and got the man that had taken care of me. He searched all over and couldn’t find the rest of the ticket and had to print another one. Then it was the long trip back to the departure gate. The girl at that gate (a different one) felt sorry for me and changed my seating from the far back of the plane to right behind first class and let me board the plane ahead of everyone else. She also checked my carryon without any charge.

When I finally arrived in Tampa, I picked up my phone to call by brother, and my phone was dead. Luckily I had brought the charger. All I needed was an outlet. Glancing around, I found one in the phone booth circle and quickly ran (almost) and plugged in my phone and called my brother. He picked me up in about half an hour and we went to the hotel where everyone else was and had food! (Praise the Lord because I was really hungry.)

The next morning, we boarded our ship.

(More to come!)

January 15, 2014

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