My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 6

by Sally

Leaving Key West, we headed for Cozumel, Mexico, across many waters. Our time was spent on the entertainment aboard ship. I went to the art auction, had my free glass of champagne, and enjoyed the antics of the auctioneer and his assistant. Afterwards I headed to the shops, but on my way had to go through the casino, where I ran into Brother Joe and some of our family. Joe was trying to win (as they all do) and didn’t quite make it. But as usual, he made out pretty good. Too bad they didn’t have a golf course on the ship. He would have loved that. The course could have gone around the outside deck with the holes on the next level overriding the swimming pool. Wow! What a shot that would have been! And the putting greens in the dining rooms, or the elevators, having to put in between the doors opening and closing and avoiding the people. There were more acting/musical skits on the main level, which could be seen on any floor just by looking over the balconies. And of course, more visits to the free food areas.

Upon arriving in Mexico, we saw it was a small island in the middle of the ocean. The ship couldn’t come close to the shore, so there were speed boats, like small ferries, transporting the people from the ship to the island. It was fine, except it seemed they intentionally went cross ways on the waves and several people became sick. Bags were distributed all over. Thank God I didn’t need one.

Arriving at the shore, we were greeted by several different people for the different tours. Because of my brother’s age, they limited him (and me and some of the family) to a tour of some old ruins. This was supposed to be for old people. We walked and walked – it seemed like five miles, but probably was one – and finally arrived at the ruins. My brother was hurting, but tried not to show it (he just had his second knee replacement surgery either weeks prior).

Before going on the island, Joe had told everyone not to go by themselves, always have someone with you, which is a good idea no matter where you go. So when we walked into the town, Joe was with us (my half sister and me), but about 20 yards ahead of us. I thought, “Okay, Joe, this is together, right!?” We looked at the stores and had something to eat, and then walked to the boat and back to the ship.

The trip back was no different than the one coming – more wave hopping, and more sick people. We were glad to get back to our room. When we got to our room, I could see Joe was really hurting, and like a lot of men he refused to take his pain medicine (sometimes you just want to slap someone upside the head). We rested and dressed and enjoyed a good dinner.

Heading home coming up (another problem).

March 26, 2014

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