My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 5

by Sally

While on the ship there was always something to do – eat, swim, sleep, eat, slot machines, art show, auction, eat, theater productions, entertainment in the center of the ship, eat, play pool, drink, eat (I think you get the idea). My brother treated me to a massage and it was wonderful – really relaxing.

Just watching the ship head for Mexico – going through the water, waves, sunsets, nothing but water. I thought, “Now I know how Noah felt when he was surrounded by noting but water. And those poor birds he let loose to search for land – not finding anything and coming back exhausted. But it was beautiful, just waves and waves of water – so peaceful. If you had a grumpy attitude you were sure to lose it.

On the ship, as I walked along the corridors, there were several tables set up with gold and silver chains and some pendants. They were being sold by the inch and at very low prices. People (women especially) were buying them like a panic run. Ah yes, I to bought some, along with a pendant (credit card #1). I now wish I had bought more.

There were so many eating places – dining rooms and small stop areas with food – all free! The only thing you paid for was the alcoholic drinks and sodas. My brother liked playing the slot machines. I tried to convince him to play the penny machine one time when we met in Las Vegas (his treat again), and when he finally did he was amazed because he won over $200.00 with a handful of pennies. I tried the penny machine on the ship – won a little – but decided it was not that much fun. It didn’t seem like anyone was winning very much.

Once again it was time to go to our room and get dressed for dinner (they had a dress code for the dining rooms). And another day was gone. Time to just watch the water even if you couldn’t see it very well. But the sound of the waves hitting the ship was enough to relax you and get you ready for bed.

March 12, 2014

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