My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 4

by Sally

As we set sail the ship became very active with all the passengers investigating everything (activities, shops, restaurants, etc).

Our first destination was Key West, Florida. We spent a day there. It’s an old established town. The houses were all very old (you know – front porches, verandas, upstairs, etc). Almost every one was a business of some sort. They were stores, eating places, art galleries, ice cream shops, etc. There were trolleys to take you to different parts of the town to see museums, court houses, and historic sites. We took a trolley to a haunted museum. When we got off the trolley, there in front of the museum were two iguanas fighting, with their mouths locked on each other, rolling and twisting. They were over a foot long. I decided to take a picture. Everyone was standing back as I walked up to the two fighting iguanas. I heard someone say, “There’s a brave one.” Not paying any attention to what that meant, I approached them and they stopped, looking at me with their jaws still locked into position, one on top of the other. I slowly went closer, talking quietly telling them I wanted to take their picture and not to move. They were in a frozen-like position as I took several pictures, walking around slowly. Little did I know these were aggressive animals and stopping them in the middle of their fight probably wasn’t the best thing to do. After I took the pictures, I thanked them and we all went into the museum.

It wasn’t very big, but the main feature was a doll. I’m sorry to say I don’t recall the name of the doll, but I’ll call him “Jimmy.” When anything went wrong people would say, “Jimmy did it.” This had gone on for many years. When we left, the guide said if we didn’t say goodbye and thank you to Jimmy, we could have some troubles. So naturally everyone said, “Goodbye” and “Thank you Jimmy.” I did too, but with a quiet chuckle.

When we got back with the trolley my brother decided he wanted a beer, so we went looking for a place. We found an old house that had a sign saying, “Cold Beer” next to a flight of stairs on the outside of the house. When we got upstairs and walked into the “lounge” I felt like we had just walked into a hidden bar during prohibition. Joe had his beer and we went back downstairs. We walked around the town and saw some more sights and then headed back to the ship. We were both tired as we had done a lot of walking. We learned while we were waiting to board the ship that Cuba was not far from us.

Key West is a good place to go – plenty to see and nice weather. I would recommend it for a nice family vacation.

March 19, 2014

When we boarded the ship, it was time to rest, and then wash up and dress for dinner. There’s nothing like a good meal after walking all day.

More to come . . .

March 19, 2014

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