My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 3

by Sally

At the start of day two we started packing our suitcases in the morning when my brother Joe decided he had to go to a CVS pharmacy for something for his cold. This rang a bell in my mind because I forgot to pact mouthwash, so I asked to go along.

The husband of one of Joe’s daughter drove us there. Upon returning everyone was wondering where we were and it was getting close to the time to go to the ship. Joe boldly said, “Oh, my sister needed something at the store.” “I did not,” I said, “It was you!” Laughingly, we all started to pile into the cars – three cars and one van with plenty of suitcases.

When we arrived at the dock there it was – out transportation across the sea – “Blessing of the Sea” was its name. As I stood waiting to go on I looked up and counted 11 floors (or should I say 11 decks?). “My bad,” I thought. “What keeps this thing from toppling over?”

Our room (my brother and I shared) was on the 9th level – a small cabin, but with a nice balcony that we could sit out on and watch the waterways. So relaxing!

When we boarded we each got a tag to wear with our room number, our Visa or Master Card number was on them, but you couldn’t see it. This way, when you purchased anything on board they just swiped your room card and it would automatically be charged to your credit card. None of the shops on board had money so no one could rob them. (But where would they go? Jump overboard?) The system worked pretty well except you really had to watch your spending or you could end up with a huge bill after the ship docked back home.

The stores were nice and had a lot of items for sale – like candy bars for $4.00!

There were several snack places all over the ship all for free.

I’m not sure how many of us there were, but being a family reunion and celebrating Joe’s 80th birthday, Joe said we covered 14 rooms.

Our evening dinners were all in a certain dining room and the menus were loaded with several entrees, appetizers and desserts – you had your pick and could even mix and match them.

Well, enough for this writing – more to come next week.

February 4, 2014

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