Mink Coat Anyone?

by Sally

When World War II was going on, my dad was in the Navy, my uncle Paul was also in the Navy, my uncle George worked in a factory, and I’m not sure what my aunt Mary’s husband did – didn’t see much of him.

My mom had three sisters, Anna, Katy and Mary. Aunt Katy worked for a well-to-do lady, and every once in a while she would buy herself a new mink coat, giving her old one (still in excellent condition) to my aunt Katy. As time passed, we all had beautiful mink coats and were so glad to have them. We lived in Ohio and the winters were really cold. We lived in the country and my aunt Katy in the city.

We also got clothing and a couple of mink stoles. Thank God for that lady!

Once in a while my mom, me and my aunt Katy would dress up and go to a dance hall that had a huge crystal-like ball hanging from the ceiling. There was no drinking there, just good music, and we loved to dance. There were live bands like Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and many more. So we would all dress up in our mink coats and drive there in my mom’s Model A Chevrolet (we parked the car down the street). It was a sight, seeing this old car park and three ladies dressed in mink coats get out!

They called me sis, like I was their sister instead of a daughter and niece. It felt pretty good, and we all had a very good time. Those were good memories.

March, 2012

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