Mary & Charlie

By Sally

Mary had a cat she called Charlie – a big, grey, husky cat. She had him since he was a kitten.

He slept with her on her pillow, making sure he was touching Mary. Charlie would take up half of her pillow, and sometimes her covers too.

When Charlie snuggled next to Mary, he’d stretch out his legs and paws tapping her on her face or the top of her head. Then pulling in his claws, he’d catch some of Mary’s hair, waking her up. She would gently say, “Watch the claws, Charlie,” and he would pull in his claws and his leg gently so as not to scratch Mary.

One day Mary went out to the barn to help move some hay, and when she got tired, she lay down and fell asleep. Charlie was right with her, taking his usual place as close to her as he could.

As they slept, Charlie woke up to see a spider ready to land on Mary’s head. As he reached out to stop the spider, he recalled her saying, “Careful with the claws, Charlie,” so he slowly stretched out his paw and covered the spider, trapping it within his claws.

After a moment of hesitation, he slowly closed his claws around to spider caging it in.

With his paw and claws closed tightly, he got up and took the spider outside of the barn and dropped it into the grass.

Watching it run away, Charlie went back into the barn and once again lay down with Mary, knowing that the spider would not come back again!

Tucking himself in, he once again stretched out his paws, reaching the top of Mary’s head. And he heard her gentle voice say, “Watch the claws, Charlie,” and went fast asleep.

November 2015