Making Choices

By Sally

There are times when things (problems, duties, illnesses, etc) bring us to a point of having to make a decision we really don’t want to even think about. Let’s take the decision of having to put a family member into a care home, or, if possible, to bring in a care giver.

Here is a short scenario. You’re not working. You’re taking care of your Uncle George. He is showing signs of needing more care than you can give him. And on the other hand, you’re getting weary of the responsibility; the work of his care is increasing. You have no time to just be yourself or to be by yourself, which we all need at times. You’ve talked to the doctor about this and he suggested a care home. Then your thoughts go in several directions – cost, good care, where (plus many more).

In the meantime, you are getting tired, exhausted from making sure your household is OK and your uncle has everything he needs, plus calling doctors for information, and to top it all, coping with your Uncle George’s not-too-pleasant attitude. Then you get sick and still have to get out of bed to take care of your life-long patient, Uncle George.

Not being able to stand up under all the pressure your family is giving you, you decide to talk to someone and hopefully get some sort of solution. So you see a doctor, pastor, counselor, friends, whoever you think you can get some help from. But the final decision is still up to you.

After you’ve sought everyone’s advice, you sit down with your family and go over everything with them. One says, “OK, a care home.” One says, “You’re not working. I don’t see what the problem is.” And another says, “Get some in to help you.” So you’re right back where you started.

Looking back at all you’ve done, and everyone you’ve talked to, there is still one thing you did not do. That is to pray. Start your prayer with thanking the Lord for what you have and how he has given you the strength to do what you have been doing. Ask Him for help – an answer. You don’t need to explain everything to Him, because He already knows. And He already knows what you need and are going to ask Him. His answer may not come immediately (like you would like or expect) but it will come. And maybe not in the way you expect it to come. But it will come. Pray without doubt, with sincerity and honesty, and it will come.

God knows what we need before we do. But we need to ask to receive. And the answer to your prayer will come.

January 2015

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