Lost in the Desert

by Sally

Five acres doesn’t sound like a whole lot of land, but when it’s surrounded with nothing but desert it feels like a hundred plus – just land, mountains and some greenery, rabbits, hawks, doves, snakes, washes, and no water.

We, my husband Howard, our daughter Lisa and I, would go there and camp out, target practice and hunt. One time I forgot the aluminum foil to cook the hamburgers on so I cleaned some flat rocks and fried the meat on them!

We had a pistol and shotgun, and the basic items, tent, cots, etc. We’d park the car in the same place each time. There was a small and old tavern a couple of miles down the road we took to the land. One day, as always, we went walking and talking, not really watching our landmarks to return to our area. As it was starting to get late, we turned to head back and realized we weren’t sure of our position. We couldn’t decide between left or right, so we split up, agreeing to meet at the tavern. Howard took the pistol, with our daughter on his shoulders and started one way while I took the shotgun and headed the opposite way.

As I walked, it grew darker. I noticed some lights and noises and realized I had come to the highway. “Oh, good!” I thought. “Once I get to the road I’ll have a good idea where I am.”

I stood on the road looking one way and then the other, not really sure of which way to go. Then I noticed a mountain I had nicked-named “Bite off Mountain.” It looked like someone took a big bite out of it. Being quite a distance away, I decided to flag down a ride.

Coming to a heavy stop, a semi truck stopped to pick me up. As I climbed into the cab the driver saw the shotgun and said, “Hey, you’re not going to hijack me are you?” “No,” I replied. We got lost walking in the desert so my husband and I broke up. We’re to meet at the tavern down the road. Would you please drop me off there?”

He agreed, and shortly we were there. I jumped out of the cab, gun in hand, only to see men on horses getting ready to search for me. My husband got there and formed a search party with someone to watch our daughter. We realized how wrong we were to split up, but were very happy to arrive safely.

We found our cart that night and drove to the comfort of our home.

December, 2011

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