Looking Back

By Sally

Why are we told not to look back? No doubt we have all done that, probably many times. And what came to our minds first? Yes! Our mistakes, our “should have dones,” and our “why did I do that’s?”.

I know – our past gives us wisdom. Well, does it really?

Let’s face it, when we look back, how do we feel afterwards? Stronger? Smarter? The general feeling is despondence, failure, regret, maybe stupid or dumb, and possibly unworthy of anything good happening.

So, have you gained anything by looking back at your life? Yes, some knowledge for the situation, but also, realize this too. Even though the situation may be very similar to one in the past, the circumstances are not always the same. This means that what you have learned from your mistakes can be applied (somewhat) to the current problem, but will it bring the outcome you are looking for? Or will it be a result that only brings more solutions?

The thing is, a lot of times we act or say before we think things through, resulting in a later thought of, “Why did I do that?” Sound familiar?

Let me suggest that the first stop in finding a solution to your problem is going to God for an answer.

You may not get your answer quickly, but that does not mean there is none coming. Sometimes things need to take place before the light begins to clear the darkness.

We are impatient people, always wanting a “now” response or solution. When our answer isn’t supposed to come now – but maybe an hour from now, or a day, or even a week. But we will get our reply. The important thing is to recognize the solution when it does come, because it may not be what we were hoping for.

Things aren’t going to be what we want, and we need to be able to shift gears in our thoughts and actions, and accept the changes needed to take place. Be alert to recognize and consider what you receive before you act. Don’t cause more “I should haves” because of wanting a “now” solution.

If you don’t think you are heard by God or Jesus, you are. Just wait. His timing is never late. Don’t be impatient and miss out on your blessings – the ones that will come with your answer.

May 2017