Look Again!

By Sally

How many times have you found something you really like and have used it for a while, and when the time comes to get a refill or a new one, they don’t make them anymore?! Isn’t that frustrating?

It leads you to when you find something you really like to save your money and buy the store’s supply out. And then you wonder, “Where do I store all of this?” (Besides going hungry for a month because you used all your money to stock up on your favorite product!)

So then you go through the process of trying everything else and maybe by process of elimination you find a product that comes close to what you had. And you start to use it, and then when you go to replace it – guess what? Yep – it’s no longer made!

I think it’s a game they play with the shoppers just to see how long they will go along with their marketing game. When it finally leads you to give up and buy the more expensive product, by process of elimination of the lower priced ones, there is no other choice but the one left on the shelf. (How sneaky can you get?)

Any you pay the same price for some things, but something doesn’t look right. The box is shaped wrong (new look, they explain) and then the crackers are smaller (same delicious flavor, they add). I think by making the cracker smaller that means that for every 200th cracker made smaller they can make another whole cracker! Wow – progress or what?!

Our shopping bags are smaller – so what? We still get a full bag. (That’s because the products are smaller too, so they all fit together, hoping it’s not noticeable to the average shopper.)

Take another look at things when you go shopping. You may be surprised!

December 2014

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