by Sally

When I stayed at my mother’s house, I went down into the basement. I found boxes of purchased items. There were some dishes, some shoes, and other things. I noticed and wondered why there were several items all the same, and wondered why would she even buy these things that she really didn’t need, and why so many of the same. As time went by my mother passed away, without an answer to my question.

Then one day as I was out shopping the answer came to me, bright as day.

As I shopped, a clerk would come up to me and ask if I needed any help. Another would come and ask, “Are you finding everything?”

This experience brought to my mind the answer of loneliness. I realized when my mother was down in her thoughts, needing someone to talk to, she would go shopping. Every time she looked interested in some product she had a chance to speak to a clerk. But in her case it was an opportunity to express her opinion or feelings toward something and the more she bought the more the clerk listened.

This answer struck my heart and tears came to my eyes as I felt the loneliness of my mother, and I said quietly, “I am sorry Mom.”

October, 2011

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