Just Thinking

by Sally

It seems we have gone astray when it comes to some of the holidays. Easter is soon upon us, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. But somehow it seems that fuzzy bunnies, colored eggs, candy baskets and baby chicks have come to be the focal point of this holiday.

I remember coloring eggs when I was growing up, and my mother hiding them, which was fun. But where and when did that start? And where and when did the bunnies and chicks come into the holiday?

Probably to influence children to celebrate by finding eggs for prizes, and Easter baskets to bribe the children to remember the day. Also for the stores to improve their sales (for all the holidays). Somehow people have had it put into their minds or life styles that they need to buy and buy to celebrate the holidays. When all you need is a nice meal with family members and friends, and an honest prayer of thanks and gratefulness for our provisions. To give thanks is all that is needed. Not stuffed toys and colored eggs (although they do look cuddly).

What I’m trying to say is – go back to the simple ways people celebrated before. Don’t worry about what to wear, or eat, or give. Give thanks, give love. Be honest to one another and be helpful, not looking for ways to show what you have, or to buy the biggest toy. Got doesn’t care about that. After all, it is God’s day – the resurrection of His son, Jesus. Just give your natural best and get rid of all the flounce and show. It’s really not needed.

I pray you do this. Try it. And you’ll be more blessed than giving a month’s pay of candy and toys and pretty dresses. Give what you spend to a needy cause – St Jude’s, the Jewish Association, the Cancer Society – helping those who don’t have, here in Tucson. You get the idea. Well, I’ve said enough. (No I haven’t, but I better stop now.)

So, for this and many holidays from now on, you want change – change your way of giving to something better than candy and toys. Give love to someone who has no one. Visit the sick in the hospitals. (Oh, great, here I go again.) Well Bye for now. May god bless you and your families.

(It’s fun to get old. You see so many things so differently.) Ask yourselves – do your children really need more candy or toys? You’ll no doubt spend about 10-15 dollars on candy or toys, where 1-15 dollars could go to the food bank or rescue mission. (OK, I’ll stop now.)

April 7, 2014

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