Just A Thought

by Sally

While sitting in the waiting area for my car to be fixed, a man was there also. He was very uplifting and friendly. When he got up I noticed his bald spot at the back of his head and I began to wonder.

Most men bald in the same area – top back of their head. And it struck me that is the same area as the Jewish men wear their caps (yarmulke).

Do you suppose that it’s a reminder to us that the gentiles are grafted in along with the Jews? (And all Jewish men wear their yarmulkes that covers their head to remind them they are covered by God.)

We should look around and see, and be aware of things that are there to remind us of our history and future. There’s more than cement and gravel – trees, sunsets, stars, oceans, and more.

Let’s open our eyes and minds to the world that’s waiting for us but is constantly being hidden by material man-made “necessities.”

July, 2012

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