It’s Your Choice

by Sally

How often do we let other people’s opinions direct our way of life and the way we do things?

Stop and think back. How many times were your ways of doing things changed when you talked about them to others? Them explaining the way they do it making you wonder if their way is better than what you had been doing for years. Your way was doing fine, and you had no problem with it, until you heard someone else’s opinion.

If their ways seemed better, more organized, then why not try them. If they work better, great. But if not, you can put that opinion in the black box, or as it is often called, the garbage!

I find it useful to get other opinions and go over them carefully and see how they compare to my own opinion. That way I have no one to blame except myself. Whether it was your original idea or someone else’s, it was your choice, and you can only blame yourself for the outcome, good or bad.

Very often people would get upset at me for not using their suggestion, and I would tell them – thank you for the thought, but I often gather opinions and go over them carefully, and if the one I choose (maybe my own) doesn’t turn out too good, I can only blame myself.

What is often good for others isn’t necessarily good for you. God made us all different. We are not cookie cutters; we do things differently (we’re not robots.) That’s what the world is made of – different ideas for its improvement and new inventions. But we also need to keep our minds open to other aspects. After all, maybe we can improve someone else’s or our own way of life by just listening.

December, 2012

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