by Sally

I am not against painting a wall, or wallpapering it, or women wearing makeup to look better. (Some men would say AMEN to that – I do too!)

There is nothing wrong with improvements. I was reminded of how much we cover things, not only with fancy materials – paint and makeup, plus fancy curtains and clothes – when I stripped a mirror covered wall and revealed the texture beneath – marred and spotted.

We can find many ways to cover things, but truth always seems to find a way to surface no matter how it is covered. If I paint the wall, the scars will still be there and visible.

We like to look at nice and attractive things, but when we find something not to our liking, we change it to our liking. But to our amazement, no matter how we changed our prize object, we somehow miss the natural effect it once had. It is beautiful, but without feeling.

We must remember everything has a purpose and a feeling. When we take away its heart, we take away its life, leaving the framework but none of the natural effect, none of its appeal. None of its life remains.

You’re probably thinking, “She’s really going too far.” But we all do at times, and when we do, we wonder what we can do to retrieve what we’ve lost.

Sometimes we can and sometimes we cannot. We must be sure of our actions before we start and be willing and ready to live with what we had changed.

Give it some thought.

P.S. I’m really glad I removed the mirrors.

January, 2013

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