by Sally

Today is the first day of realization – to finally, finally notice the world about us. The sky – its color and how it changes from sunrise to sunset, with the clouds turning from a puffy white, sometimes forming images, to a dark stormy blue, emphasizing the setting of the sun that spreads out the beautiful bold and soft colors of red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Almost every color on an artist’s palate is demonstrated as the day turns from bright sunlight to a dark star-filled universe with a bright light coming from a full moon, making shadows on the mountains.

But as the world goes on, and cities get larger with sky-scraping buildings, they make it hard to see these beautiful scenes and colors from our back yards. When the clouds roll by the sun and moon they seem to change their figuration. One started out as a huge dragon, only to end up resembling a small bird. Letting our imaginations flow (or should I say go) with the wind, we see such beauty that we ignore each day.

We need to bring back our thoughts, as wild as they may be, and let go! You’d be surprised at what comes to your vision, and it could either make you laugh or scare you to wonder where did that come from?!

October, 2011

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