I Want to Be Alone

by Sally

I thought about getting a playmate for my cat, Frankie, to give him someone to keep him company when I leave the house.

Not wanting to pay $80.00 for a pet from the animal shelter, I had accepted an offer of a free cat. “Great!” I thought.

Bringing the cat home, Frankie was OK for a couple of days (I cat-sit and have extra cats here off and on). I think Frankie realized this cat was not leaving in a few days because he brought his own food dish! (Smart cat – I think I’ll nickname him Sherlock Frankie.)

Another day went by and the new addition decided to jump on my bed – big mistake. Frankie and I were sitting on the other side of the bed.

The time came when Frankie decided to put an end to the new cat visit. He tore around the bed, hit me on the back (letting me know he was not kidding), and chased the new kid on the block – off the block. At that moment, being totally surprised at his action, I decided Frankie really didn’t need company and returned the cat (unharmed) to its previous owner.

For a while I gave Frankie the silent treatment, trying not to pet or talk to him, but it was hard. Every time I looked at him he was just sitting there with his head down looking at the floor. A couple of days went by and I had to talk to him because he just followed me and sat there with his big, innocent eyes staring at me.

Once again Frankie is rule and rein of the house – and peace dwells within.

April, 2013

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