I Think I Can

By Sally

After working since I was 16, I’ve been reminiscing about the jobs I have had. Some were pretty good – challenging yet joyful. I’ve always liked a challenge.

There were times when I couldn’t change my job because there were no others, so I took what I could. Trying to put my finger on the worst one was kind of a toss-up. Like a motel maid, which wasn’t long lasting, but yes, an experience.

There were a few runner-ups as far as not pleasing. Once when I went home for a two week vacation there wasn’t much to do, because it was a small town. So I went to the next town seven miles down the road and got a job in a factory for two weeks. After working eight hours in a so-to-speak oil field, operating a huge punch machine, being covered with oil and exhausted – you guessed it. I didn’t last my two weeks. But it was an experience. I don’t know how those people that work in factories do it. My hat’s off to them.

Whenever I went home, I looked for a job, just to see how it was and if I could do it. There was one that I did enjoy and I got a promotion. It was a county newspaper. I started out doing paste-up for the picture features (I had experience in that). Somehow I became a columnist Yep, I had my own column. It started when they needed fill-in for a story that was ending too short of the page. I suggested a recipe – a good idea – and since apples were in season, of course it had to be apple recipes. So, I was endorsed as “the apple recipe of the week” columnist. It was fun. I made up my own recipes, but then started to run out of ideas, and it was time for me to return to Arizona. (Even though it was only for two weeks, they insisted on having recipes for a month.) So on my last recipe, I gave a clever farewell to all and headed back home. What can you make other than apple pie, baked apples – the old standards? I had a couple I really liked – like Baked Apple Toast and Apple Peal a la Mode with smashed apples.

There were some job opportunities I kind of wished I could continue, but I really didn’t care for the climate up north. But I did enjoy the scenery, especially in the fall when the trees changed their colors and covered the two lane roads along the back roads of the country side. It was an artist’s heaven.

June 2016