How Many Times

by Sally

How many times have you said –

I should change?
Why didn’t I?
I’m so tired of …
If I would have known.
I wish I had…

With all the wishing we’ve done in our lifetime, you’d think at least one of them would come forth.

And have you ever wondered –

Who discovered the first mirror and why?
Why is corn called ears?
Why is a tooth brush called a “tooth brush” when it’s for all the teeth?
Who discovered paint? (Maybe it was to cover their mistake.)
Who invented the word “no” and why do moms seem to use it more than anyone else?
And what about the word “maybe”? That too goes a long way when you really don’t know if you should say yes or no!

But I really think “no” outranks “yes” or “maybe”. Just think – what is the first word a child usually says when they’re asked to do something? A good strong “NO!”

July 16, 2013

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